Day of Darkness Festifall
Split with Beherit
Tracks 1-8 - Pyrint÷, Oulu, Finland Aug. 23, 1991
Tracks 9-15 - see Beherit page
Label unknown
1. Intro Salve Satanas
2. Condemned To Hell
3. The Crucified
4. The Black Vomit (Sarcˇfago cover)
5. Morbid Fate
6. In The Name Of Satan
7. Crucifixation (Deicide cover)
8. Damnation (Raping The Angels)
9. Grave Desecration - Beherit
10. Six Days With Sadistic Slayer - Beherit
11. Fallen Souls - Beherit
12. Sodomatic Rites [sic] - Beherit
13. Nocturnal Evil - Beherit
14. The Oath Of Black Blood - Beherit
15. Satanas (Sarcˇfago cover) - Beherit

The infamous LP put on CD format, but the annoying breaks between the songs make the vinyl somewhat superior. Stage banter is mostly Finnish except for songtitles. According to Mika, this was Impaled Nazarene's third gig ever.

Live In The Name Of Satan
Tracks 1-8 - live European tour Jan. 1994
Tracks 9-17 - live European tour Jan. 1994
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. INTRO 1. (?)/Sadogoat
2. Sadogoat 2. Chaosgoat Law
3. Chaosgoat Law 3. In The Name Of Satan/
I Al Purg Vonpo/My Blessing
(The Beginning of the End)
4. In The Name Of Satan 4. False Jehova
5. Hate 5. Satanic Masowhore
6. Cyberchrist 6. The Horny And The Horned
7. Sadhu Satana 7. Ghost Riders (Stan Jones cover)
8. Ghost Riders 8. Goat Perversion
9. Goat Perversion 9. Intro (Dead Can Dance - "The
Arrival and the Reunion")
10. Goatzied 10. Chaosgoat Law
11. Mortification 11. Condemned To Hell
12. INTRO 12. In The Name Of Satan/
I Al Purg Vonpo/My Blessing
(The Beginning of the End)
13. Goatzied 13. False Jehova
14. Chaosgoat Law 14. Satanic Masowhore
15. Condemned To Hell 15. The Horny And The Horned
16. Hoath Darbs Lucifero 16. Ghost Riders (Stan Jones cover)
17. False Jehova 17. Goat Perversion
18. Satanic Maso Where -- --
19. Coraxo -- --
20. Goat Perversion -- --
21. Soul Rape -- --

No recording information given. "Ugra-Karma" is mentioned as the "new LP," so this would have to be from their 1994 mini-tour in late January. I've seen some video of the Belgium gig and it doesn't match to either show here, so these 2 shows are from the 3 German gigs and/or single Dutch gig. If anyone can provide more date/recording information on this bootleg, please let me know.

Tracks 1 and 9 have a brief fast part before "Sadogoat;" I think this may be "Coraxo" but the lyrics don't sound right and aren't repeated enough. Track 9 begins with about a minute of Dead Can Dance's "The Arrival and the Reunion" played over the PA as an intro.