Rebellion In São Paulo '97
Teatro dos Vampiros, São Paulo, Brazil, July 12, 1997
Wild Dog Records WLD 001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Land Of The Free 1. Land Of The Free (4:36)
2. Man On A Mission 2. Man On A Mission (5:55)
3. Rebellion In Dreamland 3. Rebellion In Dreamland (9:35)
4. Heaven Can Wait 4. Heaven Can Wait (5:03)
5. Valley Of The Kings 5. Valley Of The Kings (4:24)
6. The Saviour 6. The Saviour/Abyss Of The Void (8:54)
7. Drum Solo 7. Rising Of The Damned/Drum Solo (6:41)
8. Future World 8. Future World (Helloween cover) (11:12)
9. Space Eater 9. Space Eater (4:53)
10. Kai Hansen Solo/Heading For Tomorrow 10. Kai Hansen Solo/
Heading For Tomorrow (partial) (6:43)

No specific recording info is given other than what's in the title of the bootleg. Andre Matos provides guest vocals on "Future World" (this is mentioned in the booklet).

Great soundboard audio quality. Rather cringeworthy vocals on "Space Eater," though (Kai apologizes for his voice earlier in the gig).