Bonded By Baloff
Tracks 1-7 - live Studio 54, New York, Apr. 3, 1985
Tracks 8-10 - demo 1986
Tracks 11-12 - live Mabuhay Gardens,
San Francisco, CA, Feb. 20, 1983
Track 13 - from 1982 demo
Keltic Records KELTIC 001
1. Exodus
2. Deliver Us To Evil
3. A Lesson In Violence
4. And Then There Were None
5. Metal Command
6. Pirahna
7. Strike Of The Beast
8. Seeds Of Hate
9. Pleasures Of The Flesh
10. Braindead [sic]
11. Die By His Hands [sic]
12. Impaler
13. Death And Domination

Bootleg was originally released on Volve Records in 2002. I suspect it was made to capitalize on all the old Exodus demo/live stuff available for download on the internet immediately after Paul Baloff's death. This Keltic version even notes on the back insert it's a "limited reissue."

Tracks 1-10 are sourced straight from the "A Lesson In Violence" CD, just with the live tracks put first here.

Tracks 1-7 are of course from the infamous "Ultimate Revenge" gig--one of the best live shows ever.

Tracks 8-10 are studio demos of "Pleasures of the Flesh" songs recorded shortly before Baloff was ousted. They're a bit too rough to flat out beat the Souza versions--"Brain Dead" seems a bit weird because there's no chorus in this version, and "Seeds of Hate" has different lyrics. Still, they show some great potential and make you wish he had stayed in the band.

The last 3 tracks are all from when Kirk Hammett was still in the band. The chorus part of "Die By His Hand" was later used for "Creeping Death." No location info is given for the 1983 live tracks. There's a break between them, but they weren't played consecutively during the show anyway. The bootlegger left in the beginning of Baloff's intro to "Child of Evil" at the end of track 11--kind of ironic, as you hear "this next one's an instrumental!" and then "Impaler" (obviously a song with lyrics) starts playing. Track 13 is erroneously listed as being from 1981.

The Great Escape
Dynamo Open Air Festival, Eindhoven, Holland May 23, 1988
Taurus Records Tau 103
1. Deranged
2. 'Til Death Do Us Part
3. A Lesson In Violence
4. And Then There Were None
5. Faster Than You'll Ever Live To Be
6. Parasite
7. Piranha
8. Bonded By Blood
9. Pleasures Of The Flesh
10. Brain Dead

Excellent set covering only the first (and best) 2 albums. Admittedly, Souza is a weaker vocalist than Baloff on the "Bonded By Blood" material, but it's still interesting to hear him perform it, and all of the "Pleasures of the Flesh" material still makes it worthwhile. Great stage banter too, with lots of comments from Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt.

An interesting little side fact: during "Brain Dead" several members of other bands playing at Dynamo were moshing onstage and provided the chorus gang vocals. The only one that can really be picked out distinctively is Messiah Marcolin in the chorus after the second verse.