Demons Gate
Tracks 1-2 - Candlemass promo 1985 (?)
Tracks 3-6 - "Sjunger Sigge Fürst" EP 1993
Tracks 7-8 - from "At the Gallow's End" EP 1988
Tracks 9-13 - Nemesis "The Day Of Retribution" EP 1982
Track 14 - Live Dynamo Open Air Festival, Eindhoven, Holland May 23, 1988
Tracks 15-19 - various intros/interludes (see notes)
Volve Records Vol 002
Limited to 550 hand-numbered copies
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Demons Gate 1. Demon's Gate
2. Blackstone Wielder 2. Black Stone Wielder
3. Bullfest 3. Bullfest (Sigge Fürst cover)
4. Samling Vid Pumpen 4. Samling Vid Pumpen (Sigge Fürst cover)
5. Brollop Pa Hulda Johanssons Pensionat 5. Bröllop På Hulda Johanssons Pensionat
(Sigge Fürst cover)
6. Tjo Och Tjim Och Inget Annat 6. Tjo Och Tjim Och Inget Annat
(Sigge Fürst cover)
7. Solitude (12") 7. Solitude
8. Crystal Ball (12") 8. Crystal Ball
9. Black Messiah 9. Black Messiah - Nemesis
10. In God We Trust 10. In God We Trust - Nemesis
11. Theme Of The Guardians 11. Theme Of The Guardians - Nemesis
12. The King Is Dead 12. The King Is Dead - Nemesis
13. Goodnight 13. Goodnight - Nemesis
14. Solitude (Live) 14. Solitude
-- -- 15. Demon's Gate (Intro; without effects)
-- -- 16. Voices in the Wind (backwards)
-- -- 17. Incarnation of Evil (Intro; without effects)
-- -- 18. Demon's Gate (Intro; slowed down)
-- -- 19. ?

Tracks 1-2 are listed as being from the Candlemass '85 promo. These are the same two Candlemass tracks that are bonuses on Metal Blade's CD reissue of the Nemesis "The Day of Retribution," and the volume seems greatly boosted compared to the Nemesis disc (these may be the same 2 tracks from an '84 Candlemass demo and Leif Edling's "Black Heart of Candlemass" 2CD, but I'm unsure if the versions are the same).

Tracks 3-6 are covers of Swedish actor/singer Sigge Fürst. I'm clueless about Swedish oldies so I'm not sure if it's technically correct to call these Sigge Fürst covers--I have no idea if he was the original performer, or whether these are just old standards he recorded. These are obviously more uptempo and less doomy than normal Candlemass stuff. This EP was available on mCD and as bonustracks on the reissue of "Chapter VI."

Tracks 7-8 are re-recordings of "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" tracks with Messiah Marcolin on vocals, originally included on the "Samarithan" and "At the Gallow's End" EPs--they've also appeared on CD already on the "As It Is, As It Was" compilation.

As with the first two tracks, the Nemesis EP (tracks 9-13) sound is greatly boosted compared to the official Metal Blade CD reissue.

The recording quality of track 14 is a bit shaky but the band performance/stage banter is excellent. Since the time of this bootleg, the Dynamo '88 tracks have been made officially available on the 2CD reissue of "Candlemass Live."

The last few unlisted tracks are an assortment of short random bits. Track 15 seems to be the intro to "Demon's Gate" from the "Epicus..." album without any effects added, so the narration is in a more normal tone of voice. Track 16 is the "Voices in the Wind" interlude track from the "Tales of Creation" album played in reverse. Track 17 is the intro to "Incarnation of Evil" from "Ancient Dreams," again without effects. Track 18 is another version of the "Demon's Gate" intro, this time with the deep vocal effects and played slower than normal. The keyboard effects sound different from both the "Epicus..." version and the promo version, so I'm not sure what this was sourced from--this may be another version entirely. Track 19 is just 3 seconds of some sort of group chant. I can't make out what's being said, and initially I thought it might be the band counting or ticking off a song, although it might just be them fucking around.

While it's convenient to have all these tracks together and the booklet has a nice collage of old photos (though I wonder why they included pictures of Mercy-era Messiah?), the bootleg is a bit disappointing since most of the tracks are available elsewhere.