The Gods Of Darkness
Tracks 1-7 - live Poland 1998 (Kraków, August 31?)
Track 8 - live Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Holland, May 30, 1998
Track 9 - video version (?)
Track 10 - "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" studio version
Track 11 - live Gods of Darkness tour, Köln, Germany, Mar. 31, 1997
Black Heart Recordings BHR001 (disc: DB-PO)
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Tormentor Of Christian Souls 1. Tormentor Of Christian Souls
2. Mourning Place 2. Mourning Palace
3. Dødsferd 3. Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen
4. Hunnerkonungens Sorgsvarte Ferd
Over Steppene
4. Hunnerkongens Sorgsvarte
Ferd Over Steppene
5. Metal Heart 5. Metal Heart (Accept cover)
6. In Death Embrace 6. In Death's Embrace
7. Stormblåst 7. Stormblåst
8. Spellbound (Live At Dynamo Festival) 8. Spellbound (By The Devil)
9. Mourning Place 9. Mourning Palace
10. Spellbound 10. Spellbound (By The Devil)
11. Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen 11. Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen
-- -- 12. (silence, no audio)

Bootleg is sparse on information; the first 7 tracks are only mentioned to be "live in Poland 98." Tracks 8-11 are listed as bonus tracks and lack any kind of information other than the Dynamo location for track 8.

The 1998 Polish gig exists on video (I think some of the footage is on the "World Misanthropy" DVD) and it seems to have been done in a Polish TV studio with an audience. I have heard the Kraków/Aug. 31 location and date are correct but I cannot verify this. While the recording quality itself is excellent, these tracks have constant small volume fluctuations where the volume keeps dipping. Sometimes they're quite frequent, happening every couple of seconds, and sometimes they're less frequent, but this plagues the entire Polish set. While this doesn't really get in the way of the music it's still a minor annoyance.

There's a false start in the vocals at 2:47 of track 2.

The Omen intro used before the Dynamo version of "Spellbound..." actually starts on track 7 and continues into track 8.

Track 9 is a studio version, but it's only 4:11 long, so it appears to be the video edit. As far as I can tell, track 10 is the normal album version.

Track 11 is from the Gods of Darkness tour with Dissection/In Flames/Cradle of Filth.

Spiritual Darkness - Alive In Europe
Tracks 1-7 - live Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark, June 26, 1998 (?)
Tracks 8-9 - from "Inn I Evighetens Mørke" EP 1994
Track 10 - from "Death...Is Just the Beginning V" comp.
Track 11 - remix version (?) from "Death...Is Just the Beginning IV" comp.
Track 12 - Starkness track, from "The Rape of the Holy Trinity" comp.
Demonic Invocation Records DEMIN24
1. Stormblåst
2. Entrance
3. Master Of Disharmony
4. Behind The Curtains Of Night Phantasmagoria [sic]
5. In Death's Embrace
6. Mourning Palace
7. Metal Heart (Accept cover)
8. Inn I Evighetens Mørke Pt. I
9. Inn I Evighetens Mørke Pt. II
10. Masses For A New Messiah [sic]
11. Master Of Disharmony
12. Unto The Darkly Shining World - Starkness

The title of the bootleg is all the info about the live tracks you get. At the very least, 1998 is the year, because "Spiritual Black Dimensions" is announced as an upcoming album and the tracklisting makes sense for that year. I think the location is mentioned at 4:34 of "In Death's Embrace," and it does sound like "kilde" at the end (actually, it does sound like he says "Roskilde," but with an extra syllable at the beginning). They definitely played Roskilde in '98, it sounds like there's a sizeable audience at the show, the recording is excellent (a well-known fest would probably be professionally recorded in high quality), and the audio doesn't seem to match up to any other gig, so I'm pretty confident it's Roskilde. I believe the show was videotaped, but I've never seen any of the footage--hopefully in the future I can check the bootleg against a video and have conclusive evidence.

All live tracks (and the EP tracks) have split-second breaks between them.

Before "Stormblåst" a short intro from The Omen score is played (I think it's from the dog attack scene in the cemetery).

I don't have any specific recording information for the last 3 tracks. "Masses for the New Messiah" actually was titled as "...a New Messiah" on its comp. appearance. I assume it was recorded at the same time as the other "Spiritual Black Dimensions" tracks since it was a bonus on the Japanese and deluxe versions. Track 11 is supposedly a remix version (no idea how it differs from the regular version). Track 12 is the only musical output released by the Shagrath/Kimberly Goss project Starkness. Again, not sure of the recording date, but obviously being on "The Rape..." comp. it was done in '97 or before.

There is also a newer silver-CD pressing of this bootleg. The inserts and on-disc printing are the same but are of a lower quality (everything was obviously copied from an original). The easiest way to tell the new version apart is the disc matrix, which is 1231 on the new one.