The Final Armageddon
Tracks 1-7 - altered versions of "Blood Upon the Altar" tracks
Tracks 8-20 - live Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland April 17, 1993
Evil 999
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro/In Nomini Patri, Sathanas 1. Acheron Intro/Demoniac
2. Intro/War Ritual 2. Weltering In Blood Intro/Ritual
3. Intro 3. Ross Bay Intro
4. I Deny The Jesuschrist 4. (unknown intro?)/Weltering In Blood
5. Intro/Spiritis Satanist 5. (unknown intro?)/Blasphemy
6. Intro/Hails Sathanas 6. Blasphemous Attack
(altered; with added sample)
7. Intro/In Language Of Sathanas 7. (unknown intro?)/Nocturnal Slayer
8. Intro 8. Blood Upon The Altar (partial)
9. War Command 9. War Command/Blasphemous Attack/
Gods Of War
10. Demoniac 10. Demoniac
11. Angel Of Doom 11. Fallen Angel Of Doom
12. Goddess Of Perversity 12. The Goddess Of Perversity
13. Desolate One 13. The Desolate One
14. Desecration 14. Desecration
15. Evil Of Black Abyss 15. Emperor Of The Black Abyss
16. Weltering In Blood 16. Weltering In Blood
17. Ritual 17. Ritual
18. Nekrosadist 18. Necrosadist
19. The Horde Of Evil 19. Hording Of Evil Vengeance
20. Blasphemy 20. Blasphemy

The pressing information on the underside of the CD has been blacked out sloppily with a permanent marker or paint pen.

Bootleg claims the first seven tracks are "unedit mlp 90," but these are actually all altered and retitled versions of songs from the "Blood Upon the Altar" demo with additional intros and samples added:

Track 1 - Intro is from the track 1 intro from Acheron's "Rites of the Black Mass" album.
Track 2 - Intro is part of the "Weltering in Blood" intro.
Track 3 - Entire track is the "Ross Bay Intro" from the demo.
Track 4 - Intro is sample of "I Deny Jesus Christ the Deceiver."
Track 5 - Has an unidentified organ/Latin narration intro, with the track 4 sample appearing again at the end of the intro.
Track 6 - "Blasphemous Attack" has the intro and outro from the demo version. However, a call-and-response "Hail Satan!" sample has been inserted before explosion in the intro, and the outro explosion sounds fade out early.
Track 7 - Unidentified intro with church bells, a distorted voice speaking in Latin, and maniacal laughter in the background.

If anyone knows where the samples/intros from these last 4 tracks are taken from, please let me know.

It sounds like all the faked tracks have had the pitch changed; especially during the "Ross Bay Intro," the pitch of the bell tolls and the choirs is much lower than on the regular version.

Track 8 fades in.

The live portion contains some hilarious stage banter:

"Okay, uh...I just wanna mention to everybody that we got T-SHIRTS AND CDS! Nh...Not trying to tell you what to do, but..."

"We are fine up here, hah hah, how are you?"

Live Ritual
Rehearsal August 29, 2001
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. War Command 1. War Command
2. Blasphemous Attack 2. Blasphemous Attack/Gods Of War
3. Gods Of War 3. Demoniac
4. Demoniac 4. Victory (Son Of The Damned)
5. Victory (Son Of The Damned) 5. Victory (Son Of The Damned) (second version)
6. Victory (Son Of The Damned) 6. Goodess Of Perversity
7. Goddess Of Perversity 7. Fallen Angel Of Doom
8. Fallen Angel Of Doom 8. Darkness Prevails
9. Darkness Prevails 9. The Desolate One/Atomic Nuclear Desolation
10. The Desolate One 10. Desecration
11. Atomic Nuclear Desolation 11. Weltering In Blood
12. Desecration 12. Blasphemy
13. Weltering In Blood 13. Hording Of Evil Vengeance
14. Blasphemy 14. Nocturnal Slayer
15. Hurding Of Evil Vengeance 15. Ritual
16. Nocturnal Slayer -- --
17. Ritual -- --

Greek bootleg apparently put out by Panos of Unisound. Despite the title and cover, this bootleg contains the "Die Hard Rehearsal" from the limited CD-R that accompanied the Die-Hard editions of the "Live Ritual - Friday the 13th" LP.

All of the layout graphics are taken from the LP version--the inverted cross-shaped live pic collage is reused for the back insert, the cover is the same graphic from the lyric sheet, the back cover of the booklet (which is empty inside) is from the poster, and the on-disc printing is the Moyen drawing from the LP cover.

Audiowise, while the bootleg is inferior to officially-released versions since it adds indexing gaps between all tracks and breaks up the continuous recording, it's is the only way to get the 2 versions of "Victory (Son of the Damned)" on a factory-pressed CD.

Other than the gaps, I don't notice any audio differences. There is an audio hiccup at 1:13 of "Blasphemous Attack," and it sounds like there's some sort of change in the audio between "The Desolate One" and "Atomic Nuclear Desolation," since the guitar feedback stops, but both of these happen on the officially-released versions as well.

This rehearsal was also bootlegged on vinyl as the "Return of the Hooded Demons" LP. I'm not sure which came first, but both the LP and this CD seemed to come out very quickly after the official "Live Ritual" LP. This is probably one of the swiftest examples of creating an official release (the From Beyond CD version) to directly combat bootlegs, sort of similar to the situation that resulted in the Unleashed "Live in Vienna '93" CD.