Swarm Over London
Tracks 1-8 - live Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK,
June 20, 1987
Tracks 9, 13 - from Sceptre 1983 demo
Tracks 10-12 - "Skeptics Apocalypse" versions, see below
Label unknown
1. Unstoppable Force
2. Guilty As Charged
3. Indestructive
4. Taken By Force
5. Nothin' Left
6. The Unexpected
7. Day At Guyana [sic]
8. Never Surrender
9. 144,000 Gone" [sic] - Sceptre
10. Evil Eye, Evil Minds
11. Agents Of Steel
12. Guilty As Charged
13. Taken By Force - Sceptre

The live tracks are from the "Longest Day" gig with Nuclear Assault, Onslaught, and Atomkraft. Although video footage of the show was officially released, the bootleg has several songs not on the video and vice versa. This version of "The Unexpected" is also a bonus track on several reissues of the Skeptics Apocalypse album, though the version here may actually be slightly better quality.

It sounds like there were edits to the introductions of "Nothin' Left" and "Never Surrender," as Cyriis will start to say something but gets cut off. Also, even though they were played consecutively, a few seconds of stage banter were cut out from between "Nothin' Left" and "The Unexpected." There's an edit/jump between tracks 6 and 7.

Tracks 9-11 are listed as being from a 1984 demo, and track 12 is listed as being from a 1984 "second demo." However, track 9 isn't even the Agent Steel version (which there actually is an early demo version of), it's the earlier Sceptre demo version. Rather than real demos, tracks 10-12 just sound like low quality versions of the regular Skeptics Apocalypse tracks.

There's a small audio glitch/noise at 1:40 of track 13. It's the same track as on Metal Massacre 4.