These are specific bootlegs I'm looking for. If you have a bootleg for sale or trade that's not listed here, as long as it's not already listed on the site, feel free to offer it. Obviously bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica have so many different bootlegs I can't list every single individual bootleg I need. Please contact me if you have any of the following available for trade/sale.

I am only interested in normal factory-pressed CDs. Absolutely no CD-Rs wanted!

Accept - The Final Burning 2CD
Angra - The Eyes of Christ
Angra - any bootlegs not listed here
Anthrax - Axedream
Anthrax - Axe the Odeon Down
Anthrax - Live USA (Live & Alive series)
Anthrax - Metal Indians (Robespierre RBCD 019)

Beherit - Nordic Demons - Live
Beherit/Archgoat - Down There/Jesus Spawn
Black Sabbath - As Darkness Hits 2CD
Black Sabbath - Neon Nights
Black Sabbath - any bootlegs not listed here, especially non-Ozzy
Blasphemy - War Command for Baroeg (is this a silver CD?)
Blind Guardian - Imaginations From Hamburg
Blind Guardian - Tales from the Dark Side
Blind Guardian - Woodland Rock
Blind Guardian - any bootlegs not listed here
Bolt Thrower/Paradise Lost - Demolishing England
Burzum - Filosofem/Demo (Russian press on Agat)
Burzum - bootlegs with demo tracks

Cathedral/Arch Enemy - Black Birth Machine
Cradle of Filth - Damnation and a Day Tour 2003 digipak
Cradle of Filth - The Evil's Bitter Sweet digipak
Cradle of Filth - Life is Your Sacrifice digipak
Cradle of Filth - any bootlegs
Crimson Glory - Dream Dancer & Live

Dark Funeral - Agios O Baphomet
Darkthrone - Live from the Past
Dark Tranquillity - Punish My Heaven (low priority)
Dark Tranquillity - Resistance Come Alive (low priority)
Dickinson, Bruce - Hot Summer Night 2CD
Dickinson, Bruce - any bootleg not listed at the site
Dio - Iron Magica
Dio - One Wild Night
Dio - any bootlegs not listed on the site
Dream Theater/Majesty - any Majesty-related bootlegs

Gamma Ray - Accidents Will Happen 2CD

Halford - Made in Hell
Halford - any bootlegs
Heavy Load - Swedish Conquest
Helloween - any bootleg not listed on the site

Immortal - The Cold Winds of Funeral Frost
Immortal - Easter Inferno 2003 (Is this a pro-CD?)
Immortal - any bootleg not listed on the site
Impellitteri - The Future Is Black 2CD
Iron Maiden - Absolutely Live 2CD
Iron Maiden - Backdraft 2CD boxset
Iron Maiden - The Big Heat (jewel case only)
Iron Maiden - Brave and New in Stockholm
Iron Maiden - Brazil 1996
Iron Maiden - Dance of the Frenchman 2CD
Iron Maiden - Doin' My Job
Iron Maiden - Fear of Live
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Death 2CD digipak
Iron Maiden - Heaven and Hell 2CD digipak
Iron Maiden - Giving Head to Ed
Iron Maiden - Maiden South American 4CD
Iron Maiden - Northern Fear (digipak)
Iron Maiden - Prisoners Live At Reading Festival 1982 2CD
Iron Maiden - Remember Nagoya (digipak)
Iron Maiden - Reunion 2CD (is this a silver CD?)
Iron Maiden - Ruskin's Prisoners (Hardtropolis Rec.)
Iron Maiden - Sanctuary
Iron Maiden - Strangers of A New World 2CD
Iron Maiden - Virtual Buenos Aires 2CD
Iron Maiden - Warfield digipak
Iron Maiden - Wildest Screams (Brazil 2004)
Iron Maiden - almost any bootleg not listed on the site

Judas Priest - California Burning
Judas Priest - Concert Classics
Judas Priest - The Damage Is Done
Judas Priest - Devil's Spine
Judas Priest - Diamonds and Demolition
Judas Priest - Graspop Gods
Judas Priest - Hard As Rock
Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather
Judas Priest - The Last Vengeance
Judas Priest - Live After Midnight
Judas Priest - Montreal Concert Remasters - Verdun Auditorium 10-26-1982 (is this a silver CD?)
Judas Priest - Suicide, Homocide, Genocide
Judas Priest - any bootleg not listed at the site

Malmsteen - Burning of Love '85 2CD (Neptune)
Malmsteen - Edge the Inspiration 2CD
Malmsteen - Fire in the Sky 2CD
Malmsteen - Gates Of Inspiration 2CD
Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight in Japan 2CD
Malmsteen - Highway Star ('86 show) 2CD
Malmsteen - Highway Star ('88 show) 2CD
Malmsteen - Play Loud!!
Malmsteen - Something Else (Crystal Sound)
Malmsteen - The Tales Of The Viking
Malmsteen - any bootleg not listed at the site
Manowar - Let the Battle Begin 2CD
Manowar - Live For Glory
Manowar - Live USA (LSD Records)
Manowar - The Metal Gods of Dynamo
Manowar - Metal Warriors (live Osaka, Japan)
Manowar - The Mighty Return of the Kings of Metal
Manowar - Mystery in the North
Manowar - Rare Steel
Manowar - The Victory of Metal
Manowar - War of the Worlds 2CD digipak
Manowar - Warriors Of Cologne 2CD digipak
Manowar - Warriors United On Stages of Steel
Manowar - Wimps & Posers Leave the Hall
Marduk - Day of Darkness: Warriors of Italy (low priority, disc must be in perfect condition)
Mayhem - Live in Zeitz 1990 + bonus (very low priority)
Megadeth - American Assault
Megadeth - Anarchy in France 2CD (inserts must be in excellent shape)
Megadeth - Anarchy Symphony
Megadeth - German Storm (disc must be in excellent condition)
Megadeth - Killing Power 2CD
Megadeth - Like A Tornado
Megadeth - Set The Ball A-Rollin'
Megadeth - almost any bootleg not listed at the site
Mercyful Fate - The Oath
Metallica - Enter the Monsters
Metallica - For Fans Only
Metallica - Hit the First Shit 1986
Metallica - Thrashing thru Europe '84
Metallica - Win Lose or Draw
Metallica - most bootlegs not listed at the site
Morbid - Live/Deathexecution (all black insert)
Morbid Angel - Live Madness Over Europe 89-91
Mötley Crüe - bootlegs from '83/'84 and earlier
Motorhead - Better Wear Armour
Motorhead - The Full Scale 88 Assault
Motorhead - Switzerland 1988
Motorhead - Titty Twister
Motorhead - any bootleg not listed at the site

Napalm Death - Hatred Surge Demo '85
Necrovore - Divus De Mortuus
Nightwish - Bless the Century Child
Nightwish - On A Dark Winter's Night...

Overkill - Cut Away the Fat: Live (is this really a silver-CD?)
Ozzy Osbourne - All Aboard
Ozzy Osbourne - Beast In The Darkness 2CD
Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz On Tour 1980
Ozzy Osbourne - Live in Leicester
Ozzy Osbourne - most Randy and Jake-era bootlegs

Paradise Lost - Black Street
Paradise Lost - Doomsday Symphonies (low priority)
Paradise Lost - Live Enchantment

Queensryche - most bootlegs not at the site

Riot - Revenge on Stage
Royal Hunt - Moving Target 2CD
Royal Hunt - Paradoxical Message 2CD
Royal Hunt - Royal Emblem 2CD

Sacrifice - Put Her on the Altar
Sacrilege - The Demo Tapes
Saint Vitus - Let the End Begin (silver-pressed original version only)
Sarcofago - The Anal Rape of God
Satyricon - Live in Stockholm (low priority)
Savatage - Defenders of the Faith
Savatage - any bootleg not listed at the site
Sepultura - Requiescant 2CD
Sepultura - Rest in Pain
Sepultura - They
Sepultura - almost any bootleg not listed on the site
Slayer - Back in the Game
Slayer - Captors of Sin (14 track On The Road Rec. version)
Slayer - Corpus Christi
Slayer - Dynamo Awaits
Slayer - Europe 1992/U.S.A. 87
Slayer - Holland Hates Us Too
Slayer - USA Californie - The Groove in Anaheim (2002.04.02, is this a regular CD?)
Slayer - Live USA 92
Slayer - Metal Overdose: Slayer Kills Monza (is this a regular CD?)
Slayer - Original Lives
Slayer - Satan Laughs As Slayer Eternally Rot
Slayer - Slaughter in the North (must be in excellent condition!)
Slayer - Spirits in Black
Slayer - Wardance
Stratovarius - Elements Tour 2003 2CD
Stratovarius - Fuckin' P.A. 2CD
Stratovarius - Visions of Destiny
Suicidal Tendencies - Suicide Revolution

Terrorizer - After World Obliteration
Terrorizer - From the Tomb
Tormentor - Live In Hell
Trouble - Demos and Rarities Part I
Twisted Sister - any '80s bootlegs

Venom - In League with Satan (low priority, disc must be absolutely pristine)

W.A.S.P. - any bootlegs

Various - Monsters on the Road ("Megadeath"/Pantera/Black Sabbath)
Various - Trilogy of Destruction Vol. 2 - Obituary/Morbid Angel/Entombed live