Anachronism: First Voïvod Show 25/06/83
Live Canada June 25, 1983
Devil Metal Records
1. Voivod
2. Black Metal (Venom cover)
3. Struck By Lightning (Tank cover)
4. Eye Of The Storm (Sweet Savage cover)
5. Angel Dust (Venom cover)
6. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead cover)
7. Witching Hour (Venom cover)
8. Chainsaw (Raven cover)
9. Condemned To The Gallows
10. Rapid Fire (Judas Priest cover)
11. Heart Of Stone (Motörhead cover)
12. Leave Me In Hell (Venom cover)
13. Treason (A II Z cover)
14. Killing Time (Sweet Savage cover)
15. Stay Clean (Motörhead cover)
16. Welcome To Hell (Venom cover)
17. Blower
18. Steeler (Judas Priest cover)
19. Gunslinger (Budgie cover)
20. Stone Dead Forever (Motörhead cover)
21. Voivod
22. Anomalies (outro)

Their first live show, which was released as a live demo in the Iron Gang tape series. In addition to the cover, most of Away's handwriting from the tape (as well as other Away art) has also been modified on computer and reused for the bootleg layout. No specific location is given, although certainly it must have been somewhere in Québec.

Yes, "Voivod" is played twice in its entirety during the gig, although the first version is of considerably lower quality. Just be thankful they were thoughtful enough to play such a fine metal anthem twice.

"Blower," "Condemned to the Gallows," and the second version of "Voivod" have been officially released on the deluxe version of "War and Pain."

There's a quick audio click/defect at 0:41 of track 14.

Furthermore, for all you detail-freaks, I have a dub of this demo/show that has about an extra 10 minutes of snippets of several NWOBHM, heavy metal, and hard rock songs. It begins with a bit of Trust's "Répression" and you can hear someone (Snake?) saying "shut up!" and occasionally talking between the clips. I'm assuming the band made it as a joke track or space-filler on tapes, but I'm not sure if this was only on certain versions or not (the CD is so long it wouldn't have fit on here anyway, but I rarely see mention of this extra track even when talking about the original tape).