First Strike Is Deadly
Tracks 1-10 - Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Holland, June 8, 1987
Tracks 11-12 - Monsters of Rock festival,
Schweinfurt, Germany, Aug. 27, 1988
Meltdown ML 91601
1. Disciples Of The Watch (partial)
2. The Haunting
3. Apocalyptic City
4. First Strike Is Deadly
5. Burnt Offerings
6. Solo Alex Skolnick
7. Over The Wall
8. Do Or Die
9. C.O.T.L.O.D.
10. Reign Of Terror
11. Into The Pit
12. Raging Waters

5 tracks from the Dynamo show were officially released as the "Live At Eindhoven" EP (Chuck even mentions they're recording for the EP in the stage banter), and the whole set has since been released on CD. Tracks 11 and 12 seem to be from a soundboard recording, but suffer from constant hiss.

Track 1 starts well into the song.

Nightmare (2CD)
Mido-kaikan, Osaka, Japan, Feb. 13, 1990
Label unknown 2131/2132
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Intro 1. Intro ("Disciples of the Watch" intro)
2. Practice What You Preach 2. Practice What You Preach
3. The Haunting 3. Sins Of Omission
5. The New Order 4. The Haunting
6. Envy Life 5. The New Order
7. Time Is Coming 6. Envy Life
8. Greenhouse Effect 7. Time Is Coming
9. Alex Skolnick Solo 8. Greenhouse Effect
-- -- 9. Alex Skolnick Solo/Instrumental Jam
1. Perilous Nation
2. Into The Pit
3. The Ballad
4. Trial By Fire
5. Blessed In Contempt
6. Burnt Offerings
7. Disciples Of The Watch
8. A Day Of Reckoning
9. Nightmare (Coming Back To You)

No recording information given on the bootleg beyond "World Tour 1990." This is definitely from one of their Feb. '90 Japanese gigs, and although the Feb. 13 date seems to be correct, I haven't confirmed it. At the very least, it's not their final Tokyo show from the 17th (Chuck specifically mentions it at that show, but there's no such stage banter here).

Alex Skolnick plays a short portion of the Japanese folk song "Sakura Sakura" during his solo (even if you don't know it by name, you probably know the melody, it's sort of the stereotypical Japanese old-timey-music tune).

There's a possible edit between "Trial By Fire" and "Blessed in Contempt."

Average sound quality. Probably most interesting to "Practice What You Preach" fans; as you can see, they play almost the entire album.

The Test Of Time
Tracks 1-8 - Orange Pavilion, San Bernadino, CA,
Mar. 8, 1991 (?)
Track 9 - The Ritz, New York, NY, Nov. 11, 1989
Tracks 10-15 - Aardschokfestival, Ijsselhal, Zwolle, Holland,
May 29, 1988
Metal Memory MM 90046
1. Malpractice
2. Sins Of Omission
3. Trial By Fire
4. The Legacy
5. Practice What You Preach
6. Souls Of Black
7. Face In The Sky
8. Disciples Of The Watch
9. Greenhouse Effect
10. C.O.T.L.O.D.
11. Do Or Die
12. Disciples Of The Watch
13. Into The Pit
14. Apocalyptic City
15. Reign Of Terror

No location/date information is given on the bootleg itself. At the beginning of track 1, Chuck mentions they're being recorded for a live tape, so the first bunch of tracks may be from the same show filmed for the "Seen Between the Lines" video (and if so, unlike the video, the sound quality is great here). Unfortunately I can't find any specific recording info for the original video. The general consensus seems to be the show on the boot is from March 8, 1991, and if that's correct, it's the same show where some of the 2nd disc of "Decade of Aggression" was recorded. If you have any further info regarding the date, please let me know.

Track 9 is a live track that was previously released on the "Greenhouse Effect" promo CD, as well as on a split 7" flexi with Acid Reign (one of the "Plastic Explosive" freebies that came with issues of Kerrang!).

There's some end-of-show stage banter at the end of track 8, and then the crowd noise fades directly into the intro of track 9. Track 9 in turn fades directly into track 10.

Chuck Billy makes some humorous suggestions to the moshers in the crowd in the introductions to tracks 14 and 15.