Sweet Savage (aka Take No Prisoners)
Tracks 1-2 - "Take No Prisoners" 7" 1981
Track 3 - from "Friday Rock Show" comp. LP 1981
Tracks 4-5 - "Straight Through The Heart" 7" 1983
Tracks 6-8 - BBC Session 1981 (?)
Tracks 9-19 - live UK 1981 (possibly Nov. 27)
Label unknown CD-008
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Take No Prisoners 1. Take No Prisoners
2. Killing Time 2. Killing Time
3. Eye Of The Storm 3. Eye Of The Storm
4. Staright Thru The Heart 4. Straight Through The Heart
5. Teaser 5. Teaser
6. Into The Night 6. Into The Night
7. Queen's Vengeance 7. Queen's Vengeance
8. Eye Of The Storm 8. Eye Of The Storm
9. Killing Time 9. Killing Time
10. Finders Keepers 10. Finders Keepers
11. Sweet Surrender 11. Sweet Surrender
12. Prospector Of Greed 12. Prospector Of Greed
13. The Raid 13. The Raid
14. Lady Marion 14. Lady Marion
15. Queen's Vengeance 15. Queen's Vengeance
16. Take No Prisoners 16. Take No Prisoners
17. Bottle Of Wine 17. Ground Zero
18. Eye Of The Storm 18. Eye Of The Storm
19. Lady Of The Night 19. Lady Of The Night

Another CD from that wonderful anonymous Japanese NWOBHM bootlegger. Although listed as a s/t CD on the spine and also in the release list of the bootlegger's other CDs, the CD is commonly referred to as "Take No Prisoners" due to the cover, which is just the EP cover. The EP back cover is also on the back cover of the boot's booklet.

Although the original bootleg is a factory-pressed silver CD, apparently the band themselves sold their own CD-R version.

Tracks 6-19 are listed on the bootleg as all being live. No recording information is given. Since tracks 6-8 have no stage banter, no crowd noise, and are played rather precisely, I believe these are from the band's BBC Radio 1 sessions. I'm not positive on the date for them. Also, when listening to them, it sounds to me like track 8 is just a much lower quality version of track 3.

Tracks 9-19 are "real" live tracks. Since the announcer introduces the band as being from Ireland, they're probably in England. These tracks are almost certainly from one of the band's shows supporting Thin Lizzy in 1981. Although I can't verify it, I would lean towards the Nov. 27 show at the Hammersmith Odeon (I believe they also actually played Hammersmith from the 25-28th), only because Thin Lizzy was taped that night and there are bootlegs of their show.

There's a short drop-out at 0:57 of track 9.

The live version of "Take No Prisoners" cuts off at the very, very end, and then there's about 7 seconds of silence before track 17 begins.