Anthology I (2CD)
Pildammarna, Malmö, Sweden, May 28, 1982
(All tracks on disc 2 except #8 are Deep Purple covers)
Malmo 001/002
CD 1: CD 2:
72:55 59:59
1. Scarlet Pimpernel (5:15) 1. Burn (partial) (2:11)
2. Keep On Keepin' On (4:29) 2. Highway Star (Fight In The Audience) (2:29)
3. Always (4:15) 3. Highway Star (No Fight) (5:52)
4. Spring Maiden (3:30) 4. Rat Bat Blue (4:10)
5. She Needs (3:57) 5. Ritchie's Blues (5:31)
6. Before The Storm (4:27) 6. Pictures Of Home (5:07)
7. Kivikspolka (1:53) 7. Smoke On The Water (4:49)
8. Universe (4:04) 8. Kivispolka [sic] (1:14)
9. King Of The Sea (7:45) 9. Speed King (6:25)
10. Light The Light (Keyboard Solo) (8:55) 10. Fireball (3:17)
11. Lady Sunshine (Drum Solo) (8:33) 11. Space Truckin' (18:54)
12. From The Inside (4:02) -- --
13. Need Of The End (Guitar Solo) (7:59) -- --
14. Doom's Day (3:51) -- --

The "Kivikspolka" tracks are short keyboard polka pieces. I'm not sure whether this is just supposed to be generic polka music or a specific cover (of the Gustav Egerstam version, for example). The "Kivikspolka" track on disc 2 only has about 9 seconds of polka at the beginning, and the rest of the track is pre-"Speed King" stage banter/crowd noise.

The very beginning of "Light the Light" actually starts at the end of track 9 and fades out. Then the audio starts up again (backed up to before the beginning of the song) and it starts normally on track 10. After the keyboard solo in the middle of "Light the Light," there's a short improvised jazzy bit before the band continue with the rest of the song.

"Need of the End" begins with a short keyboard rendition of the introduction to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

As indicated on the tracklist, the band stop playing in the middle of "Highway Star" due to some disturbance, and then begin playing it all over again.

"Smoke on the Water" cuts off at the very end, and the last couple seconds of track 7 are silence. There's a fade after "Fireball."

"Space Truckin'" has a lot of jam stuff added, and even includes a short rendition of "Mary had a Little Lamb."

Great sound quality, and on disc 1 there are lots of fun little improvisational bits (mostly on keyboard) between some songs. "Spring Maiden" is played much faster than the album/demo versions, and "Light the Light" is radically different from the later "Roses & Champagne" version; it's much heavier and with Jonas Hansson singing, it sounds right in line with their other older material.

Anthology II (2CD)
demo tracks
Track 1 - from "Skånsk Rock I" comp. LP 1982
Tracks 2-3 - from 1979 EP
Track 4 - demo?
Track 5 - demo?
Track 6 - live Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo, Tokyo, Japan, Oct. 10, 1985 (?)
Track 7-8 - ?
Track 9 - ?
Tracks 10-11 - from "Streetwise" comp. LP 1990
Malmo 003/004
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Scarlet Pimpernel 1. Scarlet Pimpernel
2. Light The Light 2. Light The Light
3. Before The Storm 3. Before The Storm
4. Felo De Se 4. Felo De Se
5. Myrmidon 5. Dance Around the Fire (?)
6. Axeman And The Virgin 6. Axeman And The Virgin
7. From The Inside 7. From The Inside
8. Dying Days 8. Dying Days
9. Not Your Body 9. Not You Baby
10. Rider In The Sky 10. Rider Of The Night
11. Prophet Of Doom 11. Prophet Of Doom
12. Vikings 12. Vikings
13. Not Your Body 13. Not You Baby
14. Looking For You 14. Looking For You
15. Destruction Song 15. Destruction Song
16. Spring Maiden 16. Spring Maiden
17. Felo De De 17. Felo De Se
18. Homosexual Killer 18. Homosexual Killer
19. Keep On Keepin' On 19. Keep On Keepin' On
1. She Needs
2. Man Of No Present Existence
3. Axeman And The Virgin
4. Maniac
5. Help Me (Studio Version)
6. Help Me (Live Version)
7. Desperate Heart
8. Children Of The Future
9. Illusion
10. Children Of The Future - Easy Livin
11. Remorseful Rascal - Hickory Heads

No recording or date information of any kind is provided on the bootleg. Disc 1 seems to consist entirely of demo recordings done prior to the first album (I've also heard there were extra tracks recorded during the "Shakin' Brains" session that didn't make it to the LP, so that's a possibility too). If I were to guess I'd say the first 10/11 tracks are from one session and the rest from another, but again, that's only my guess.

As I mentioned for the bootleg above, the early "Light the Light" is musically very different from the later "Roses & Champagne" album version.

Track 5 is musically the same as "Dance Around the Fire" from the "Breakin' Chains" album. However, the lyrics are totally different, so the bootlegger's "Myrmidon" title may indeed be the correct original title.

Track 8 goes into a differently tempoed instrumental section around 1:56 (this may be an early version of what became "Millattack"). The audio abruptly stops at 2:41, and curiously, the rest of the track is rather mellow stuff with female vocals in Swedish.

While the two versions of "Not You Baby" share lyrics with the "Roses & Champagne" album version, the music is completely different and appears to be an early version of the song "Breakin' Chains."

"Homosexual Killer" is the rather unpolitically-correct original version of "Necrosexual Killer," changed for obvious reasons.

"Keep On Keepin' On" is not the same version that's a bonus track on the "Shakin' Brains" reissue, as the guitar solos and drumwork at the end are different.

The first half of Disc 2 is Silver Mountain stuff, while the last 5 tracks seem to be by related projects. I'm guessing tracks 4 and 5 are demos. Jonas Hansson sings the studio version of "Help Me."

I believe the live version of "Help Me" is from the same show where the "Hibiya: Live in Japan '85" album was recorded. At the end of the track you can hear the very beginning of "Always."

Of the last 5 non-Silver Mountain tracks, tracks 10 and 11 are from the first volume of the "Streetwise" compilation but I'm not sure which Silver Mountain members are involved. I have no real clue about the other tracks, but I think some of them may be some of Per Stadin's pre-Snake Charmer material. It is definitely Jonas Hansson singing on track 9. Tracks 10 and 11 have female vocals.

Anthology III (2CD)
Candy Hall, Osaka, Japan, Oct. 12, 1985
KB, Malmö, Sweden, June 11, 1986
Malmo 005/006
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Shakin' Brains 1. Shakin' Brains
2. Universe 2. Universe
3. Too Late 3. Too Late
4. Walking In The Shadow 4. Walking In The Shadow
5. Help Me 5. Help Me
6. Always 6. Always
7. Why? 7. Why
8. Handled Roughly 8. Handled Roughly
9. Meaningless 9. Meaningless
10. Call Of The Lords 10. Call Of The Lords
11. Niagara 11. Niagara
12. Rider In The Sky 12. Man On The Silver Mountain
(Rainbow cover)
13. Man On The Silver Mountain/
You Fool No One
13. Ritchie's Blues ("Deep Purple" cover)/
You Fool No One (partial; Deep Purple
/guitar solo
14. Ritchie's Blues 14. Mistreated (Deep Purple cover)
15. Mistreated -- --
1. Coming Home
2. Universe
3. Paris
4. Guitar Solo
5. Light The Light
6. Forest Of Cries
7. King Of The Sea
8. Paradise Smile (including drum solo)
9. Solfeggietto (C.P.E. Bach)
10. Where Are You
11. Romeo & Juliet
12. Down Town Junkie
13. Strange Kind Of Woman (Deep Purple cover)
14. Dream On

At the end of track 8 on disc one, the audio completely stops, and then resumes on track 9. At 2:19 of track 11, the audio also stops for a split-second.

"You Fool No One" is only a couple of seconds from the beginning of the song.

All stage banter on disc 2 is in Swedish.

"Paris" has a mellow live intro (basically a slow version of the first verse) not on the album version.

At 5:57 of "Paradise Smile," the audio stops for a second after the mid-song drum solo. There's an audio hiccup at 0:45 of track 11.

"Dream On" is, as far as I know, an unreleased song. It's in the vein of the "Roses & Champagne" material.

The Legends Of Crystal
Pildammarna, Malmö, Sweden, May 28, 1982
Jailbait Records JBCD-055
1. Scarlet Pimpernel (5:16)
2. Keep On Keepin' On (4:29)
3. Always (4:16)
4. Spring Maiden (3:30)
5. She Needs (3:57)
6. Before The Storm/Kivikspolka (6:19)
7. Universe (4:04)
8. King Of The Sea (7:33)
9. Light The Light (including keyboard solo) (8:42)
10. Lady Sunshine (including drum solo) (8:35)
11. From The Inside (4:04)
12. Need Of The End (including guitar solo) (8:03)
13. Doom's Day (3:38)

Bootleg gives absolutely no recording information about the tracks, and there's not even any way to discern from the packaging whether it contains live or studio material. Rather than a regular tracklisting, there's just a listing of 5 tracks and the line "and MANY UNRELEASED TRACKS."

There's a small glitch/skip in the audio at 4:30 of track 9.