Sacrifice Live Hell
Québec, Canada, September 1986 (?)
Alcoholic Possession Alive/
Eternal Kaos Productions
1. Evil Has No Boundaries (Slayer cover)
2. The Exorcism
3. Die By The Sword (Slayer cover)
4. Terror Strikes
5. Decapitation
6. (Drum solo)/Infernal Visions
7. The Antichrist (Slayer cover)
8. Forever Enslaved
9. Reanimation [sic]
10. The For Horseman [sic] (Metallica cover)
11. Show No Mercy (Slayer cover)

Looks like the front/back covers of the booklet were swapped...If the booklet is in the case normally so it opens from the right, the side printed with the logo and bootleg title faces to the back (the opposite front side is just a b/w live pic of Joe Rico and Rob Urbinati on a black background).

The inner ring of the disc has been scratched from the bottom to hide the pressing information. The disc-top printing is strange and looks pretty bad. The disc face is covered with a b/w close up of the jaws of one of the "Torment in Fire" skeleton beasts, but faded almost to white--then there's a Sacrifice logo at the top that's also been heavily faded/blended around the edges.

Bootleg gives no recording information beyond "Live in Quebec, Canada 1986." The bootleg is very likely from one of Sacrifice's early September gigs in Québec City (I believe the first gigs they played outside of Ontario). Apparently those were hour-and-a-half long shows and they had to pad the setlists with covers.

All of the tracks probably have split-second audio breaks between them, but the only place a break can really be heard is between tracks 2/3. Otherwise the track breaks occur during silence anyway.

It's not very evident while the actual songs are playing, but inbetween songs during the crowd noise, random instrument noises, etc., there's some distortion and artifacts present.

Track 1 begins with about 10 seconds of soloing.

The covers sound exactly how you might imagine--just think about how any of these songs would sound if they been recorded for "Torment in Fire," and that's how they sound, with Rob using his standard vocals. The guitar work is less intricate and there are some minor vocal mistakes--Rob biffs the "raping the maids" part of "Die by the Sword," finishing the first verse with most of the end of the second verse, and he starts to sing "Time" too early on "The Four Horsemen" but catches himself. Nevertheless, the covers are great overall and fun to hear.