The purpose of this page is not for name-calling, threats, or insulting people's mothers. All the problems I have had trading or buying are due to two things only:

#1: Someone is unable to package something in a manner that would avoid damage.
#2: Someone is unable to tell the difference between a CD-R and a factory-pressed CD.

If either of these things are difficult for you, please carefully consider whether shipping a CD is something you should attempt.


1. Chris Burnham (Christian Metal Realm)
34 Newdale Place
Brampton, Ontario
L6S 5Z3

Traded for 4 CDs, including 2 Iron Maiden bootlegs. Asked specifically whether they were CD-Rs and was told they were not. When they turned out to be CD-Rs, he responded: "I paid $35 each for 'em, so I figured they were good quality." Made no further attempt to rectify the situation. If that's not enough, his idea of shipping without cases is dumping the unprotected discs and inserts loose in a padded mailer.

2. Christine Wetzel (formerly user 09this on eBay)
11512 NW 43rd St.
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Sells pro-CD-R copies of factory-pressed CDs, including bootlegs.

3. Vincent Klapwijk (ulaire_enquea at NWN, FMP)
Steenhouwersstraat 15
8800 Roeselare

Traded for a Manowar bootleg, which was shipped in a regular envelope with no padding or protection other than a paper sleeve for the disc. Of course the disc arrived cracked. So after deliberately skimping on packaging to save on postage, offers nothing more than an apology and CD-R burns.