Track 1 - from "Speed Metal Hell Vol. Three" comp.
Tracks 2-7 - "Bathrooms Rule!" demo 1987
Tracks 8-12 - ??? (rehearsal?)
Tracks 13-14, 17 - ??? (alternate takes?)
Tracks 15-16, 18 - "Organic Backwash" demo 1986
Tracks 19-21 - live Paramus, NJ, Nov. 13, 1987
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Pesticide 1. Pesticide
2. Laryngitis (New Version) 2. Laryngitis/Implosion
3. Implosion 3. Implosion (cont.)
4. Aggrivated Assault 4. Aggravated Assault
5. Pissant 5. Pissant
6. Dead By Dawn 6. Dead By Dawn
7. Bathrooms Rule 7. Bathrooms Rule
8. Return Of The Deadl Spawn 8. ???
9. Bathrooms Rule 9. Bathrooms Rule
10. Instrumental 10. Instrumental
11. Decapitated 11. Decapitation (Sacrifice cover)
12. Possession 12. Possession (Sacrifice cover)
13. Laryngitis 13. Laryngitis
14. Laryngitis 14. Laryngitis
15. S.S. 15. SS
16. Pesticide 16. Pesticide
17. Pesticide 17. Pesticide
18. Laryngitis 18. Laryngitis
19. Spermicide 19. Pesticide
20. Scrotum Juggler 20. ?/Implosion
21. Beermacht 21. Beermacht (Wehrmacht cover)

Tracks 2 and 3 are continuous, but aren't quite indexed right--the first minute or so of "Implosion" is at the end of track 2.

Tracks 8-12 are listed as being from an unreleased early 1987 demo. Jim Plotkin himself has mentioned these are neither demo tracks, nor are they even technically done by Regurgitation, so I have no idea what these are really supposed to be. I'd guess they're reh. tracks. I'm not sure whether the name for track 8 is correct or if the instrumental is indeed untitled. The cover of "Possession" has incoherent nonsense vocals.

Tracks 13-18 are all grouped together as "Organic Backwash" tracks on the bootleg, but 13, 14, and 17 have asterisks next to them. I believe tracks 15, 16, and 17 are the original demo songs--the other tracks may be outtakes from the demo sessions, but I'm not totally sure. Track 13 has more prominent bass in the intro. Track 17 seems to be the exact same recording as track 1, just with editing differences at the beginning and end of the song. Track 18 is the same version of "Laryngitis" included as an unlisted track at the end of the first side of the "Speed Metal Hell Volume Three" LP.

The live tracks are supposedly from a roller rink gig on the date mentioned above. Track 19 is introduced as "Spermicide," but the band plays the normal version of "Pesticide" (I noticed no lyrical changes). The second half of track 20 is "Implosion," but I haven't been able to identify the first half.

If anyone out there can clear up some of the tracklisting mysteries, please let me know.