The Evil Invaders Alive
Tracks 1-10 - live Toronto, Canada, May 10, 1985
Tracks 7-10 - from "Executioner's Song" LP
Oxidized Razor Rex RAZOR02 (disc: 002)
1. Legacy Of Doom
2. Time Bomb
3. Escape The Fire
4. Speed Merchants
5. Evil Invaders
6. City Of Damnation
7. Take This Torch
8. Cut Throat
9. March Of Death
10. Torture Skull [sic]
11. Take This Torch
12. Fast & Loud [sic]
13. Hot Metal

Something about the cadence of Sheepdog's song introductions really reminds me of a Canadian version of Randy Savage...

All tracks have minigaps between them. There's a small sound oddity at 2:48 of track 1. At the end of track 4, there's a very soft clicking noise that might indicate some sort of break or jump, since it sounds like the crowd noise changes.

At the end of track 5, there's a jump right to "City of Damnation." "Tortured Skull" also abruptly begins during the first chorus.

"Evil Invaders" has different lyrics in some parts than the later album version.

The last 3 tracks are listed as being from "demo '84," but they're just the "Executioner's Song" versions with lower/flatter sound quality. The right channel on track 11 drops out briefly from 1:48 to 1:57. The breath noise at the beginning of "Fast and Loud" actually begins at the very end of track 11.

The band bio in the booklet is taken from the Razor website, with some goofy section headings added. The text right inside the booklet was either taken mostly from Razor's unofficial Myspace site, or Scott Waters' No Life 'Til Metal site (I'm not sure who plagiarized who there, although Scott has a history of lifting bits and pieces of writing that aren't his). All the old pics are taken from the Voices from the Darkside site. I bring this up because the bootlegger could have stolen whatever they wanted from the web, yet they use an ugly Photoshopped version of the "Shotgun Justice" lineup shot on the cover. It doesn't even look cool.

Even though this is a CD, they put an "Only Analog is Real" slogan in the booklet. Hah.