Live + Singles
Tracks 1-6 - Live Reading Festival (Reading Rock '82)
Reading, UK, Aug. 27, 1982
Tracks 7-9 - "Captured City" 12" version 1979
Tracks 10-11 - "Praying Mantis" 7" 1980
Tracks 12-14 - From "Cheated" double 7" 1980
Tracks 15-17 - "Turn The Tables" 7" 1982
Label unknown CD - 010

1. Nightmare (3:09)
2. I Know It (Time Slipping Away) (3:49)
3. Tell Me The Nightmares Wrong [sic] (3:25)
4. Enough Is Enough (4:11)
5. Turn The Tables (4:54)
6. Flirting With Suicide (4:59)
7. Captured City (5:54)
8. The Reaper (4:27)
9. Johnny Cool (6:09)
10. Praying Mantis (3:25)
11. High Roller (3:14)
12. Thirty Pieces Of Silver (3:58)
13. Flirting With Suicide (LIVE) (5:08)
14. Panic In The Streets (LIVE) (3:54)
15. Turn The Tables (4:30)
16. Tell Me The Nightmares Wrong [sic] (3:13)
17. A Question Of Time (3:18)

Japanese bootleg. All of the EP material was sourced from vinyl, but sounds fine aside from a few crackles/pops.

No date information is given for tracks 1-6. These Reading live tracks were broadcast on BBC radio, and you can hear a bit of the radio announcer at the end of track 6. There are split-second breaks/hiccups between all of the live tracks during the stage banter/dead time, but they don't match up to the track indexing breaks on the CD (this may be how they were edited for radio broadcast, or the way the tracks were divided up on their source material). This is not the complete Reading set, as they apparently played 10 tracks, including "Raining In Kensington," "A Question of Time," and some additional tracks from the "Time Tells No Lies" LP, which are missing here. "Flirting with Suicide" was the encore.

What's written above for track 2 is what appears on the bootleg tracklisting (the bootlegger was trying to indicate "I Know It" was later retitled "Time Slipping Away").

Tracks 13 and 14 (the live tracks from the double 7") were recorded at the Marquee, London, but I have no specific date information for them.

Marquee '79
Tracks 1-5 - The Marquee, London, UK, 1979 (possibly Oct. 19 or Dec. 9?)
Tracks 6-11 - Live Reading Festival (Reading Rock '82)
Reading, UK, Aug. 27, 1982
Nova NV-16
1. Rich City Kids (5:29)
2. Lovers To The Grave (4:55)
3. Rock 'N' Roll Fever (5:05)
4. Johnny Cool (7:03)
5. Praying Mantis (3:54)
6. Nightmare (2:59)
7. Time Slipping Away (3:43)
8. Tell Me The Nightmare Wrong [sic] (3:26)
9. Enough Is Enough (4:04)
10. Turn The Tables (4:49)
11. Flirting With Suicide (4:44)

Only the location and year are given for both parts, not the specific dates.

According to the official Marquee Club site, Praying Mantis played two 1979 dates there, Oct. 19 and Dec. 9 (neither of which I can verify). Both of these are possible dates. Also note that Mick Ransome is introduced as the new drummer at the beginning of track 1--apparently he joined the band late that year, which would support those late-year dates.

"Rock 'N' Roll Fever" was a song played at some 1979 gigs. The beginning is exactly the same as "Thirty Pieces of Silver" though the rest of the song is completely different.

Compared to the "Live + Singles" bootleg, the Reading tracks here are generally of much better quality, and don't have the hiccups/breaks. The runtime is slightly shorter, though--"Nightmare" fades in later in the song than on "Live + Singles," and after "Flirting With Suicide" the audio fades out sooner.

As mentioned above, track 7 is actually introduced as "I Know It," but it's the same song as "Time Slipping Away" anyway.