The Demos 1984 - 1992
Tracks 1-3 - "Death Metal" demo 1984
Track 4 - from 1984 demo recording session
Tracks 5-8 - rehearsal (November?) 1984
Tracks 9-10 - demo 1991
Tracks 11-13 - demo 1993
Label unknown
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Death Metal 1. Death Metal
2. Evil Warriors 2. Evil Warriors
3. Burning In Hell 3. Burning In Hell
4. Pentagram 4. Fallen Angel
5. Swing Of The Axe 5. Pentagram
6. Twisted Minds 6. Swing Of The Axe
7. Fallen Angel 7. Twisted Minds
8. The Martyr's Wake 8. Fallen Angel
9. The Seventh Sign 9. The Seventh Sign
10. The Seventh Sign 10. The Martyr's Wake
11. Last Ritual 11. 7th Sign
12. Human Extermination 12. Last Ritual
-- -- 13. Human Extermination

A small patch on the underside of the CD has been blacked out with permanent marker to hide some of the CD matrix.

It's still unclear whether track 4 was actually included on some original versions of the 1984 demo or not. In any case, it was recorded at the same time as the other demo songs.

Tracks 5-8 are just listed as "rehearsal 84." These are the same tracks on the "Fallen Angels" bootleg 7", and there they're listed as being from November 1984. I can't verify if this is correct. Tracks 7-8 were officially released on the "Resurrection" 10". There are some artifacts in the background of these reh. tracks, but overall the sound quality is pretty good.

The last 5 tracks are from the early '90s Possessed demos Mike Torrao did with a new lineup. Obviously, these tracks can't match the classic '80s stuff, but other than the processed-sounding vocals on the '91 demo, there's nothing to really dislike about them; they're still playing extremely competent death metal. Actually, considering most other classic '80s bands were raping their heritages or making mockeries of themselves in numerous tragic ways, these demos are quite remarkable. Instrumentally, they actually sound closer to old Possessed than what the Sadistic Intent guys have been able to do. Tracks 9 and 11 are the same song, but the title was written differently on each demo.

There are very slight hiccups in track 2 at 3:44 and 3:46. At 3:19 of track 6, either the volume increases suddenly for a moment or there's some sort of loud noise. At 1:29 of track 8, the volume increases for a split-second.

Live In San Fransisco '84 & And San Diego '86
Tracks 1-7 - San Francisco, CA 1984 (?)
Tracks 8-15 - San Diego, CA 1986 (?)
Chevalier De La Mort Productions (Société Anonyme)
1. Death Metal
2. Evil Warriors
3. Swing The Axe [sic]
4. Pentagram
5. Burning In Hell
6. Twisted Minds
7. Fallen Angel
8. Exorcist [sic]
9. Pentagram
10. Satans Curse [sic]
11. Holy Hell
12. Burning In Hell
13. Fallen Angel
14. Seven Churches
15. Death Metal

Bootleg gives no additional recording information beyond the cities and years. The bootleg title has an "in" on the spines, but elsewhere is just "Live San Fransisco..." Simple layout, but the insert printing is really sharp and crisp all-around--too bad they had to fuck up the cover with the title mistakes.

Excellent energy and stage banter for both parts, and especially tortured-sounding vocal performances from Becerra. For the San Francisco tracks, the drums seem low in the mix and are hard to hear. Instrumentation is all at more equal levels for the San Diego tracks, but the recording itself sounds more distant.

"Evil Warriors" is played slightly slower here than the studio version.