The Other Side
Tracks 1-5 - Brixton Academy, London, UK, Mar. 20, 1995
Tracks 6-14, 16 - Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec. ?, 1994
Track 15 - live ???
Oxygen OXY 008
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Killing Road 1. The Killing Road (3:54)
2. The Conjuring/Wake Up Dead 2. Wake Up Dead (3:35)
3. Reckoning Day 3. Reckoning Day (4:33)
4. This Was My Life 4. This Was My Life (3:42)
5. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying 5. Peace Sells (4:38)
6. Skin O' My Teeth 6. Skin O' My Teeth (3:43)
7. Train Of Consequences 7. Train Of Consequences (4:02)
8. Hangar 18 8. Hangar 18 (5:06)
9. A Tout Le Monde 9. A Tout Le Monde (4:36)
10. In My Darkest Hour 10. In My Darkest Hour (6:18)
11. Angry Again 11. Angry Again (3:45)
12. Tornado Of Souls 12. Tornado Of Souls (5:22)
13. Holy Wars 13. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (7:09)
14. Symphony Of Destruction 14. Symphony Of Destruction (5:49)
15. Hook In Mouth 15. Hook In Mouth (4:27)
16. Anarchy In The U.K. 16. Anarchy In The U.K.
(Sex Pistols cover) (3:09)

Bootleg incorrectly mentions tracks 6-16 as being from September 1994. Megadeth played a string of Buenos Aires dates in early December (5 different nights, I believe?) during the "Youthanasia" tour. The setlist for each night was apparently the same.

These tracks are on some other bootlegs, and normally you'll see these tracks mentioned as being from Dec. 1, and that's possible, but I've also seen claims that this is wrong, and the audio is actually of Dec. 3.

There is video footage circulating of one of the Buenos Aires gigs that is consistently presented as being from Dec. 2, the 2nd night in Buenos Aires. The bootleg is definitely not the same gig as in the video footage, since Dave's "Angry Again" intro is totally different (in the video, Last Action Hero is mentioned). Dave's stage banter after "Holy Wars..." also seems to be different. So if the video date is correct, Dec. 2 can be ruled out.

It seems that "Hook in Mouth" was not played at the Argentina shows, so track 15 seems to be from a completely different show. Dave mentions the title at the very beginning but otherwise there's no stage banter or anything to positively ID it. This same live version of "Hook in Mouth" also appears on the "Argenthanasia '94" CD where it's listed seperately from the other songs as a bonus track.