Welcome to the Heavy Metal Bootleg CD Archive! I began this site in October of 2003 as a gallery of metal bootleg CDs I own, presented here with tracklisting/source/date info (corrected when necessary) and my own personal notes.

This website deals with bootleg CDs in the classic sense--factory-pressed silver CDs of live or demo material. This site does not deal with unofficial or pirate pressings of commercially-available albums, even for out of print material.

Bootleg recordings have often filled the void left by official releases, providing obscure recordings filled with nostalgia and classic bits of stage banter. Whether they showcase musical triumph or ineptitude, whether they are the product of fandom or greed, whether they document the crowded fervor of an arena stage or the relative solitude of a garage rehearsal space--when browsing this site, just try to enjoy them for what they are.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, information, or corrections. Enjoy looking through the collection.