The Big Heat (Digipak)
Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, May 24, 1981
Celebration Records 023
1. Wrathchild (2:49)
2. Purgatory (3:18)
3. Sanctuary (3:59)
4. Remember Tomorrow (5:23)
5. Another Life/Incl. Drum Solo (6:52)
6. Genghis Khan (2:49)
7. Killers (4:56)
8. Innocent Exile (3:52)
9. Twilight Zone (2:36)
10. Strange World (+ "Murders
in the Rue Morgue" intro)
11. Murders In The Rue Morgue (3:06)
12. Phantom Of The Opera (6:54)
13. Iron Maiden (3:58)
14. Running Free (3:03)
15. Transylvania/Incl. Guitar Solo (5:43)
16. Drifter (8:05)

This digipak is actually a knock-off of an earlier jewel case version. While the label name and serial number were kept the same, since the packaging is so drastically different, some unrelated bootleggers are probably behind it.

Excellent sound quality, and one of the best, if not the best of the Di'Anno-era recordings. There seem to be several between-track edits as you can sometimes hear abrupt changes in the crowd noise.

"Strange World" and "Murders in the Rue Morgue" were not split correctly, and the intro to "Murders..." is indexed as part of track 10.

"Charlotte the Harlot" and "I've Got the Fire" are sometimes grouped with these tracks on various bootlegs (such as the "Killers" 2LP) and in audio trading circles, although apparently the additional tracks are from other shows.