Save Your Prayers
Wembley Arena, London, UK, Dec 18, 1990
(also possibly mixed with Wembley Arena, Dec. 17, 1990)
Metal Memory MM 90034
1. Intro
2. Tailgunner
3. Public Enema Number One
4. Wrathchild
5. Die With Your Boots On
6. Hallowed Be Thy Name
7. Holy Smoke
8. No Prayer For The Dying
9. The Clairvoyant
10. 2 Minutes To Midnight
11. The Trooper
12. Iron Maiden
13. Number Of The Beast
14. Run To The Hills

Maiden played Wembley both the 17th and 18th. Bruce mentions it's Tuesday at the end of track 4 and mentions it's their "last night of the UK tour" at the end of "Iron Maiden," meaning it would unquestionably be the 18th. However, this boot is exactly the same as the live portion of the "War Machine" bootleg, which apparently was a mix of recordings from both dates (from what I've read, "The Clairvoyant" and "2 Minutes..." are from the 17th). I hope to verify this in the future.

The intro is music from 633 Squadron.

Bootleg is not the complete set. There's a cut/edit between tracks 7/8. There may be a subtle break between tracks 9/10 as it sounds like the crowd noise changes. "Run to the Hills" starts rather abruptly, so there's also probably a break between tracks 13/14.

There's some sort of sound oddity right when Bruce begins to talk at the end of track 4. It sort of sounds like the recording source is being switched, but I didn't notice any sound quality change.

The volume lowers briefly at 7:20 of track 6.