Live In Reggio Emilia Italy March 31st 1981
Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italy, Mar. 31, 1981
On Stage Records CD/ON 2231
1. Wratchild [sic] (3:05)
2. Purgatory (3:35)
3. Sanctuary (4:10)
4. Remember Tomorrow (5:40)
5. Another Life (incl. drum solo) (6:27)
6. Genghis Khan (2:56)
7. Killers (5:05)
8. Innocent Exile (3:56)
9. Murders In The Rue Morgue (4:11)
10. Twilight Zone (2:55)
11. Phantom Of The Opera (6:57)
12. Iron Maiden (3:36)
13. Running Free (3:45)
14. Transylvania (3:28)
15. Solo Murray (2:22)
16. Prowler (4:24)
17. Difter [sic] (8:15)

One brief comment I want to make...Audio traders often note that Paul speaks in French during the Reggio Emilia '81 gig (as well as some other Italian gigs?), but that it's probably still actually from Italy anyway since he had a tendency to speak the wrong language in various countries. That's all well and fine, but I hear absolutely no French stage banter on this bootleg, and Paul says "grazie!" after several of the songs. So I'm very confident the audio here is indeed from one of the March '81 Italian gigs.

There are fade-outs after "Remember Tomorrow," "Innocent Exile," the guitar solo, and "Prowler."

At 4:01 of "Murders in the Rue Morgue" after the song is over, there's an abrupt jump to Paul's introduction for "Twilight Zone."

There's a brief audio glitch/the channel drops out at 2:10 of "Running Free."