Iron Maiden Live - Vol. 2
Tracks 1-2 - The Palladium, New York, NY, June 29, 1982
Tracks 3-7 - Monsters Of Rock Festival
Castle Donington, UK, Aug. 20, 1988
SW 62
1. Sanctuary
Drifter (4:17)
Moon Child [sic] (14:48)
Infinite Dreams (20:40)
Trooper [sic] (26:26)
The Number Of The Beast (30:26)
Iron Maiden (35:00)

The same unlicensed recording situation the first volume. Tracks 1-2 finish off the Palladium show.

Tracks 3-7 are taken from a 1988 set that was later officially released in the "Eddie's Archives" box set.

As with the first volume, this bootleg is indexed as a single track with cuts and fade-outs between tracks.