Gold 2000
All tracks are normal album versions
Label unknown
1. Iron Maiden
2. Futureal
3. No Prayer For The Dying
4. Be Quick Or Be Dead
5. The Nomber Of The Beast [sic]
6. Wasting Love
7. Aces High
8. Afraid To Shoot Stranger
9. Phantom Of The Opera
10. Children Of The Damned
11. Lighting Strikes Twice [sic]
12. Man On The Edge
13. 2 Minutes To Midnight
14. Stranger In A Strange Land
15. Killers
16. Strange World

Other than the tracklisting and title, there's no info on the bootleg at all--while it may look like it could be a live bootleg, it's just a factory-pressed pirate compilation of regular album tracks. Not sure about the origin, but looks like a typical Southeast Asian or East-European unofficial compilation. The Bruce reunion lineup is pictured on the cover and back insert, but there are no songs here past the Blaze albums.

CD matrix is "KRIS 2000 IRON MAIDEN." Inserts are pro-printed, but the booklet is blank inside, and the back inlay does not have spine preforations.