Brave New Tour (2CD)
Live Dynamo Open Air festival, Goffertpark, Nijmegen, Holland, June 3, 2000
Tracks 1-5 - Live Dynamo Open Air festival, Goffertpark, Nijmegen, Holland, June 3, 2000
Tracks 6-7 - Live Fila Forum, Milan, Italy, Sept. 23, 1999
Track 8 - Full Metal Rackets charity single 1991
Track 9 - censored album version
Track 10 - from "Be Quick or Be Dead" single 1992
Track 11 - from "Man on the Edge" 12" picture single 1995
Track 12 - Live Marquee, London, UK, April 3, 1980 (short EP edit version?)
Tracks 13-14 - from "Lord of the Flies" single 1996
Track 15 - from "Man on the Edge" (CD2) single 1995
The Swingin' Pig TSP-CD-255-2
CD 1: CD 2:
75:22 74:20
1. Intro 1. Fear Of The Dark
2. The Wicker Man 2. Iron Maiden
3. Ghost Of The Navigator 3. The Number Of The Beast
4. Brave New World 4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
5. Wrathchild 5. Sanctuary
6. Two Minutes To Midnight 6. Futureal
7. Blood Brothers 7. Man On The Edge
8. Sign Of The Cross 8. Rock'N'Roll [sic] (Led Zeppelin cover)
- Full Metal Rackets
9. The Mercenary 9. Holy Smoke (censored version)
10. The Trooper 10. Bayswater Ain't A Bad Place To Be
11. Dream Of Mirrors 11. I Live My Way
12. The Clansman 12. Drifter
13. The Evil That Men Do 13. Doctor, Doctor (UFO cover)
-- -- 14. My Generation (The Who cover)
-- -- 15. Justice Of The Peace

It was raining during the Dynamo gig, and Bruce mentions this throughout the show.

The intro is "Arthur's Farewell" from First Knight. During the stage banter between "The Wicker Man" and "Ghost of the Navigator," there's a source change. The first two tracks are audience sourced, and the rest of the Dynamo tracks are probably sourced from the radio broadcast of the show (which did not include "The Wicker Man").

Bruce jokingly says "scream for me Long Beach Arena" during "Two Minutes...," an obvious reference to a certain live album.

A little bit of Bruce's stage banter was edited out between "The Trooper" and "Dream of Mirrors" (it's still intact on the "Dynamo Open Air 2000" boot).

There's a sound oddity at 0:20 of "Dream of Mirrors," and it sounds like something happens to the left audio channel. The audio also gets a little static-y around this area.

"The Evil That Men Do" starts abruptly a bit after the beginning of the song.

At 2:06 of "Fear of the Dark," someone's guitar channel drops out for about 3 seconds.

Around the beginning of "Sanctuary," there are a couple of brief sound oddities where the guitars become more prominent and the vocals are pushed way into the background. They also pause during the song--Bruce apologizes about not having the full Maiden stage show at the festival, and he also chastises audience members who are staying under tent cover instead of braving the weather.

Tracks 6-15 on disc 2 are various singles/b-sides/rarities. Only minimal info is given for most of them. With the possible exception of tracks 9 and 12, these have all been officially released.

Tracks 6-7 from disc 2 are from various versions of "The Wicker Man" single.

Track 8 is by "The Full Metal Rackets." It's Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain playing with Roger Daltrey (vocals), Andy Barnett (on guitar; from ASAP/Urchin), and professional tennis players John McEnroe and Pat Cash on guitar. This was a 1991 charity single made to benefit Rock Aid Armenia. I've seen this project name spelled both as "Full Metal Rackets" and "Full Metal Racketz" (the latter is on the bootleg). As a side note, Iron Maiden themselves also appeared on a Rock Aid Armenia compilation and video.

"Holy Smoke" is a censored version with the occurences of "shit" in the song edited and garbled. I have no idea where this version comes from. The sound quality is a bit lower than the regular song so this may have been taped off U.S. radio.

"Bayswater..." was a hidden joke track on the UK version of "Be Quick or Be Dead"--Bruce imitates Rod Smallwood with Janick playing guitar in the background.

"I Live My Way" is from the 12" picture disc version of the "Man on the Edge" single and the bonus disc version of "The X Factor" album.

"Drifter" here is the same April 3, 1980 recording as the version on the "Sanctuary" single. However, it's not cut off here and it only runs 5:35, while I believe all the official CD versions that were released are just over 6 minutes. I think the 7" and 12" versions of the "Sanctuary" single had different edits, so this may be the 7" version. Note that even the 6 min. version is still an edited version of the original recording. This has Di'Anno's usual call and response bit (a knock off of the "yo yo yo" part from The Police's "Walking on the Moon").

Tracks 13 and 14 are covers from the "Lord of the Flies" single. They also appear in the "Eddie's Archives" box set.

"Justice of the Peace" is a song from the "X Factor" sessions that appears on some versions of the "Man on the Edge" single, and was also re-released in the "Eddie's Archives" set. On the bootleg it's listed as a "rare cover version," but it's actually a Maiden track.