Infierno Mexicano
Rockotilan, Mexico City, Mexico, Mar. 17, 2000
Tezcatlipoca Prod
Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies
1. Intro
2. Withstand The Fall Of Time
3. Solarfall
4. Battles In The North
5. At The Heart Of Winter
6. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss
7. Tragedies Blows At Horizon
8. Unholy Forces Of Evil
9. Mountains Of Might
10. The Sun No Longer Rises
11. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)

The bottom of the disc has been scratched to hide all the pressing information.

The intro is part of the Danny Elfman score to one of the Batman movies.

Some (but not all) of the tracks have soft clicks between them. There are minor audio hiccups at 1:18 of track 7, and 3:27 of track 9. There is an edit/possible jump between tracks 7/8.

Extremely enthusiastic crowd who can be heard throughout most songs, although they don't ever overpower the music. This is in definite contrast to the music, which comes off as having very little energy--the sound quality is ok but very flat.

Live Zaandam
Kiehool, Bergum, Holland, Dec. 17, 1993
Given recording information is incorrect!
Nordic Empire N.E. 013
1. Intro
Unsilent Storm In The North Abyss [sic] (1:25)
Call Of The Winter Moon (4:40)
A Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride (12:39)
The Sun No Longer Rises (15:14)
Eternal Years On The Path
To The Cemetery Gates (19:44)
Unholy Forces Of Evil (23:13)
Pure Holocaust (27:17)

Bootleg claims to be from Zaandam, June 10, 1994. Video footage of this show exists. Between the horrible sound, my disinterest in Immortal, the utter lack of care shown in the making of the bootleg, and the fact that everything is indexed as a single track, easily one of the worst bootlegs ever. Since this is all just one long track, I've put approximate song start-times above.

The tracklisting is only on the inside of the bootleg, which also features a '94 tour itinerary. It has "Eternal Years" and "On the Path to the Cemetery Gates" listed as individual, seperate tracks (6 and 7).

Plague Of Evil
Tracks 1-7 - Peabody's, Cleveland, OH, May 17, 2002 (?)
Tracks 8-10 - March Metal Meltdown II, Pennsauken, NJ,
Mar. 11, 2000
Tracks 11-14 - live (?)
Blizzard Beast Records
Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies
1. Damned In Black
2. One By One
3. Solarfall
4. Sons Of Northern Darkness
5. Tyrants
6. Battles In The North
7. Blashyrkh (Mighty Raven Dark) [sic]
8. Intro
9. Withstand The Fall Of Time
10. Unholy Forces Of Evil
11. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss
12. Mountains Of Might
13. The Sun No Longer Rises
14. Frostdemonstorm

No recording info is given on the bootleg, although it does divide up the recordings into the three seperate parts. Abbath says "C'mon, Cleveland" during the stage banter of the first track, so I'm making an educated guess on the date/location of the first portion, as they played Cleveland on that date for the 2002 tour with Manowar. These first 7 tracks have very slight volume/clarity fluctuations and have the most audience noise, although it's not overpowering.

Tracks 8-10 are from the first Immortal show in the USA, and video footage exists. The intro is taken from the score of one of the Batman movies. There is an edit between tracks 9 and 10. Near the middle of "Unholy Forces of Evil," Abbath stops playing guitar for what one would assume to be the customary fire-breathing during this song. A few moments later, though, he says they're not allowed to fire-breathe in the venue. So it would seem like he attempted to fire-breathe and was stopped.

If you have any information on the recording date/location of tracks 11-14, please let me know. The guitars sound thicker and overpower the drums a bit compared to the other recordings. There are fade-outs/fade-ins between tracks 11 and 12 and again between 13 and 14. There's also some odd noise near the end of track 13; it sounds like something bumped into the bootlegger's microphone.

Overall, the recording quality for all parts is very good. While the songs they play from the first 3 albums are relatively well-executed here, there would need to be a lot more stuff from "Diabolical..." or the EP to really hold my interest. The stage banter from the first two sections really demonstrate why Abbath's vocals get unfavorable comparisons to Popeye. Only recommended for fans of the later stuff.

Immortal - Promotape 1991 // Ulver - Vargnatt Promotape 1993
Split with Ulver
Tracks 1-4 - From Ulver "Vargnatt" Promotape 1993
Tracks 5 - From Ulver/Mysticum split EP
Tracks 6-8 - From Immortal demo 1991
Dead Not Found DNF-05
1. Her Begunner Mine Art [sic] - Ulver
2. Tragedies Trone [sic] - Ulver
3. Trollskogen - Ulver
4. Vargnatt - Ulver
5. Ulver/Mysticum split 7" EP (Ulverytternes Kamp) - Ulver
6. Suffocate The Masses - Immortal
7. Enslaved In Rot - Immortal
8. Left On The Stake - Immortal

The Ulver half is not the complete "Vargnatt" tape--"Nattens Madrigal" is missing completely and "Ulverytternes Kamp" is not in its original order on the demo.

The way the bootleg lists track 5 is a bit ambiguous, but it's Ulver's "Ulverytternes Kamp" (the title is not mentioned specifically on the bootleg). As far as I know, the track from the split EP was taken straight off the demo, so the bootleg basically has the "Vargnatt" tape minus one song. All of the Ulver songs suffer from prominent tape hiss.

The Immortal tracks are from their early death metal period and are much closer to Old Funeral or Amputation (well, for obvious reasons!) in style than even their first EP that would come shortly. While muffled, these tracks are certainly the most interesting part of the bootleg. Some versions of the demo supposedly had an outro, and if so, I guess the tape is not technically complete here. Can anyone confirm this?