The True Apocalypse
Circo Marinho, Santos, São Paulo, Brazil
July 14, 1987
Warfare Noise Discos 001
Given tracklisting: Correct tracklisting:
1. Scoria 1. Scória
2. Guerrilheiro Suicida 2. Guerrilheiro Suicida
3. Regimento Da Morte 3. Regimento Da Morte
4. Septembro Negro 4. Setembro Negro
5. III Reich 5. III Reich
6. Destruição Nuclear 6. Destruição Nuclear
7. Escarro Napalm 7. Escarro Napalm/
Facção Revulucionária Armada
8. Campo De Extermínio 8. Campo De Extermínio
9. Vietnã 9. Vietnã

The underside of the disc has been scratched to hide the matrix info. There's no specific location information on the bootleg other than "Live in Brazil." Video footage of this show exists, but the boot actually sounds much better, so it may come from a different source. In the video, at certain points you can clearly hear the crowd yelling over the music, but here, you only really hear them between songs.

All tracks have minigaps between them. There's some feedback for a few moments beginning at 1:28 of track 1.

The sound isn't great by any means (what do you expect for that time and place?) but is better than you would likely suspect. In fact, if you consider Exterminator and many of the demo-level bands, this is actually above-average production for '80s Brazil.

The guitar tone is rather weak and flat compared to the first LP...But oh, the vocals!!! Here the vocals have some pretty significant reverb, and it sounds so much better I wish they'd done this on "Campo de Extermínio!" They make the beginning part of "Regimento da Morte" especially evil-sounding.