Headbangers & Beerdrinkers
Lisebergshallen, Göteborg, Sweden, Jan. 10, 2001
EWI/Ed Was Innocent Recording Company Inc.
(No serial number)
1. Templars Of Steel
2. The Metal Age
3. Stronger Than All
4. A Legend Reborn
5. Steel Meets Steel
6. At The End Of The Rainbow
7. Keep The Flame Burning
8. Let The Hammer Fall
9. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
10. Renegade
11. Hammerfall

First official gig of the 2001 "Renegade World Crusade" tour. All stage banter is in Swedish. Twice during the show and at the very end of the bootleg some Swedish narration plays over the music (including mentions of the date and venue), so I'm assuming this was from a radio broadcast or something similar.

The "EWI" logo is just a simple modification of a much more famous label's logo.

Live In Sweden 1999
Hultsfredsfestivalen, Hultsfred, Sweden, June 18, 1999
Westwood One Radio Networks WWL 038
1. Heeding The Call
2. The Metal Age
3. Steel Meets Steel
4. Let The Hammer Fall
5. Dreamland
6. At The End Of The Rainbow
7. Unchained
8. Legacy Of The Kings
9. Stone Cold
10. Hammerfall

The inserts are easily the worst quality ones I've ever seen with a bootleg silver CD--the inserts are at a low quality color-copy level, although there are perforations for the spines. The printing is slightly grainy and the inserts themselves are just thin, normal paper. In fact, when I originally got this boot, I thought that perhaps these were just copies of the original inserts; however, others have verified these are indeed the regular inserts.

All stage banter is in Swedish. This show was sourced from a broadcast, and at the end of tracks 4 and 8 (the songs themselves aren't interrupted) there are brief IDs from an announcer in Swedish.

There's a crackle at 2:40 of track 3.

There's a possible cut at 3:39 of track 8, actually right after the announcer finishes speaking. Since it's during Joacim's stage banter, I'm thinking perhaps profanity was cut out--are Swedish radio broadcasts censored? It would probably help if I even understood what he was saying in the first place.