Tracks 1-3 - "Disillusions" (?) demo 1992
Tracks 4-6 - "Trapped" (?) demo 1991
Tracks 7-9 - Forbidden Evil demo July 1987
WFW Records WFW 175-072155
1. Disillusions
2. Hypnotized By The Ryhthm [sic]
3. Mind's Eye [sic]
4. Trapped
5. So Dark ~ On This Side
6. My Sorrow's My Own
7. Chalice Of Blood
8. Follow Me
9. March Into Fire

No recording or date information is mentioned anywhere on the bootleg. The booklet only lists then-current and former bandmembers and contains pictures of their official albums.

Tracks 1-6 are demo tracks from the period between "Twisted Into Form" and "Distortion." I've put question marks above because it's not clear whether the demos were ever given actual titles or not. These songs are all in the more modern style Forbidden later adopted (Track 5 is a full-on ballad) and are lousy compared to the first 2 albums. Tracks 2-3 are songs that would later appear on the "Distortion" album.

Tracks 7-9 are from the July '87 demo done under the Forbidden Evil name.