What's with the site?

What will I find at this site?

Where do the bootlegs and information on this site come from?

So these are all regular CDs?

Is the bootleg listing comprehensive?

Why don't you include sound-gradings, track times, larger pictures, pictures of the back insert and disc, pictures of every variant, matrix codes, etc.?

Why aren't vinyl/cassette/CD-R/mp3 bootlegs included on the site?

Why are you missing bands/bootleg CDs from your site?

I have info about a bootleg not mentioned anywhere on your site.

Some info on your site is wrong, or I have missing date/etc. info for you.

Are any of the originals for trade/sale?

I have a bootleg from your wantlist for sale/trade.

Who are Omerta Records?

My bootleg comes with Japanese paperwork and an OBI even though it was made in...ITALY????

Hey, what gives? I bought a bootleg you listed here and it was a CD-R!

Do you distribute or make any of the bootlegs?

Can you help me find a bootleg?

What's your opinion on bootlegs?