Live Hultsfred Sweden
Split with Bathory
Tracks 1-8 - live Hultsfredsfestivalen, Hultsfred, Sweden, June 13, 1998
Tracks 9-14 - see Bathory page
Imperial Creations/2N1 Productions
1. Ravenna Strigol Morti [sic]
2. Enriched By Evil
3. Bloonfrozen [sic]
4. Thy Legions Come
5. Evil Prevails [sic]
6. Secrets Of The Black Arts
7. Vobiscum Satanas
8. Ineffable King Of Darkness
9. Sacrifice - Bathory
10. The Return Of Darkness & Evil [sic] - Bathory
11. Intro (From "Conan The Barbarian") - Bathory
12. In Conspiracy With Satan - Bathory
13. Necromancy-Sacrifice - Bathory
14. Raise The Dead - Bathory

No date information is given on the bootleg.

Bootleg claims to be a soundboard recording, and the sound is excellent overall, although the vocals are relatively soft compared to the other instruments. There are also a few odd "pops" during some of the crowd noise, usually right before and after the track indexes. While the songs themselves are complete, there are edits/cuts between tracks, so some stage banter might have been cut out. Other than simple song introductions for some of the tracks and a cry of "The Dark Age has arrived!" to open the gig, the only stage banter is a bit of Swedish at the beginning of track 8.


The 1998 Hultsfred tracks have also been released alone on LP and on the "The Dark Age has Arrived" bootleg CD.

"Live in Sundsvall" and "Live in Cleveland" on the Made In Hell Productions label are CD-Rs.

There are at least 2 live bootleg LPs; the Hultsfred one mentioned above and "The Black Massacre" (live in NYC).