The Last Night In Japan
Tracks 1-12 - Club Monster, Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan,
Dec. 23, 1989
Track 13 - Bourbon House, Osaka, Japan, Dec. 18, 1989
Label unknown
1. Intro:/In Dark Places
2. Where Dragons Rule
3. Masque Of The Red Death
4. Azrael
5. Valhalla
6. Red Sharks
7. Painted Skies
8. Burning Bridges
9. Dragon Lady
10. Lonely
11. Lost Reflection
12. Eternal World
13. Lady Of Winter

I think the intro is part of/a rendition of the A Clockwork Orange theme. If anyone out there knows there for sure, please let me know.

There seem to be edits/cuts at the ends of about half (or possibly more) of the tracks, as you can hear abrupt changes in the crowd noise.

Midnight mentions there's some sort of technical difficulty between "Azrael" and "Valhalla."

At the beginning of "Lost Reflection," the vocals are very soft, then suddenly at 0:50 the volume of the track increases, like there was a sudden volume boost or a source change.

Track 13 is not mentioned on the bootleg as being from a different show. There's a gap between tracks 12 and 13 and when "Lady of Winter" starts it's obviously from a totally different, lower quality recording. It matches against a dub I have of the Osaka show. There, it was played as the 8th track. It's very possible "Lady of Winter" was actually played at the Saitama show, but if so, it's not included here.