Norbreck Castle, Blackpool, UK, Jan. 21, 1981
Midas Touch 95811
1. Sweet Danger
2. They Wouldn't Dare
3. Angel Of Death
4. Sorceress
5. Confused
6. Evil Games
7. Gorgon
8. White Witch
9. Baphomet
10. Angel Witch
11. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)

Disc itself is printed with fake songtitles. Only the location and year are given on the bootleg, not the specific date. This is the same gig as the old "Give It Some Tickle" fan club live tape (that title comes from some stage banter during "Sorceress"), and that's where I got the date, which I assume is correct. I don't have the tape, so I don't know if there are any audio or editing differences compared to this CD.

I believe the original live tape listed "Devil's Tower" as being after "Angel Witch." There is a really short (under 1 min.) outro bit played between the last two songs, but it's unclear if this is really supposed to be part of "Devil's Tower" or not. It doesn't really sound much like it--other old live versions of it do sound like the album version and were longer, so for the purposes of this site I'm not going to list it as a seperate song unless I'm given some conclusive info regarding it.

There is a break between "Evil Games" and "Gorgon." There is also a break or sound oddity between "Baphomet" and "Angel Witch," and the sound drops out briefly for a moment during the guitar soloing before "Angel Witch."

The Sabbath cover is very interesting--instrumentally it's great and superior to the original, although the vocals are a bit off. Shame they never did a studio version.

Wonderful sound quality and stage banter.