Rehearsal Of Death
Rehearsal Antibes, France, Mar. 16, 1987
Label unknown CD20009XDP
1. ....Preparing The Torment
2. Brainstorm
3. Bloodfeast
4. Lucifer?s Spell [sic]
5. Crazy And Free
6. Uncontroled Desire [sic]
7. Prince Of Fire
8. Black Church
9. Dark Power (Demo Version)
10. Pandemonium [sic]

Track 4 starts with a guitar riff; it sounds a bit like an off-key version of the intro to Kreator's "Awakening of the Gods," but it's probably not. Let me know if you recognize it. Then the band talks for a bit, and right before "Lucifer's Spell" is actually played (at 1:16 into the track), there's a short impromptu "cover" of the chorus to Wehrmacht's "Biermacht."

I'm not sure whether the titles for tracks 1 and 5 are correct or whether the bootlegger just made them up. The beginning of "Crazy and Free" sounds similar to a midpaced version of the opening riff to "Neverending Destiny," but the rest of the song is quite different (it's very traditional heavy metal-sounding compared to their other stuff).