This One's For You
Winterthur, Switzerland, 1993
Black Gold-Records
1. Starlight
2. Living For Tonight [sic]
3. Screaming For A Lovebite [sic]
4. London Leatherboys
5. I Don't Wanna Be Like You
6. Breaker
7. Slaves To Metal
8. Princess Of The Dawn
9. Neon Nights
10. Restless & Wild [sic]
11. Son Of A Bitch
12. This One's For You
13. Bulletproof
14. Too High To Get It Right
15. Up To The Limit
16. Burning

On the disc itself, the title is listed as "Almost United" and the manufacturer is listed as Bulletproof Enterprises.

Track 1 fades in just before the vocals begin. There is a fade-in/fade-out between tracks 8 and 9. Track 16 fades out before it's fully completed.

Stage banter is all in German. Notice anything weird about the setlist? I don't even want to think about the prospect of a world in which post-'83 Accept do not play "Balls to the Wall" and "Fast as a Shark" at every single show...I'm assuming these were set closers or encores and the bootlegger left them off (an act far more criminal than the making the bootleg in the first place!) due to time constraints.

There are at least two color variants of this bootleg: one with a black disc face, and one with a purple disc face.